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I quit because I need to leave, and GS gives me a survey

How do I get rid of this reminder of the cluelessness of the leadership of this company?

AC26 AUS. I want to quit, I need to shut down, the last thing I need is the process stopped for some marketing research.


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I think a more interesting ratio is the views to voters. That tells you a lot more about the indifference of users around here. Graphisoft should be grateful that the vociferous few even bother trying to engage with them to improve their product. If you're paid 9-5 on a good salary do you really care how good or bad the software is? Unless of course it has become an unstable chaotic mess in which case you might encourage your boss to use what your friend is using.

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How helpful are these surveys, I mean actually helpful? with hard hitting questions like "on a scale of 1-10 do you like us?", do you get actual feedback on ways to improve? or just fishing for some kind of reassurance that you still have a significant fan boy crowd?
This whole thread is littered with cynicism, and I'm not one to shy away from that...
As others have said, there is more than adequate feedback on ways to improve the software; but more importantly, I want to see the community restored to what it was. I'm not talking about the forum; because the community used to be so much more than that.
We used to have direct access to local tech support, concern for issues and bugs from bottom to top, colleagues that would openly express our favorite features and biggest hurdles. Now it seems like we just have complaints and issues that go ignored and unanswered, few or no actual events, gatherings, and groups... The software just isn't inspiring the camaraderie any longer. It's just a tool; it used to be so much more

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