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Additional Improvements in Archicad 25

Emoke Csikos


1. Line popup shows names in alphabetical order


The line popup has been updated. Previously, it was necessary to rely on the preview of the line type when selecting a line. Therefore, now the names are always visible, and sorting has been changed to alphabetical order, making it easier to find and choose the desired line type.


Line popup with names in alphabetical order


2. Updated Surface and Fill Settings


Surface and Fill Settings have been updated, and "Vectorial Hatch" has been renamed "Cover Fill".


Updated Fill Settings


3. Edit multiple Layer Combinations at once


In Layer Settings (just like in Attribute Manager), you can now select multiple Layer Combinations and edit their status simultaneously. Show/hide, lock/unlock, and set 3D view display and layer intersection group for multiple Layer Combinations at a time.


Multiple Layer Combinations selected at once


4. MEP Label


A New MEP Label has been provided with MEP-related element data, such as MEP System or duct diameter. You can also change the general settings such as text and pointer as of any other Label Type.


There are some special options for this label type within the Symbol Label Custom Settings tab. You can change the displayed data, meaning that you can choose whether to display the value only, name and value, prefix and value. The prefix for each data type can be set at the related field, and each info type can be turned on and off.


You can change settings for the displayed dimensions and add additional properties (up to 5 rows).


The display order can be easily changed, allowing you to customize the label further. Moreover, instead of using Project Preferences settings, you can overwrite it and use mm-s instead. The labels can be placed on any MEP elements, both on 3D documents or 2D View.



5. Track Changes, Model Compare: Structure parameter


The new "Structure" parameter is now a separate checking option, so you can filter for changes in Building Material, Composite or Profile only (separate from other Geometry/Positioning changes).


6. Object Settings: Elevation and 3D preview can be rotated independently


Elevation and 3D Previews can now rotate independently, without modifying the plan rotation settings, the plan view will still rotate the element.




7. Section/Elevation Marked Distant Area renamed to Fade Distant Elements


In Section/Elevation Settings Dialog, the “Marked Distant Area” setting is renamed as “Fade Distant Elements”.




8. Support for Rhino 6 and 7


Archicad 25 offers support for both Rhino 6 and 7. Previously in Archicad 24, Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 were supported.


9. Export Building Material Classifications as IFC Classification References


Export Building Material Classifications as IFC Classification References. So when an IfcMaterial is exported out of a Building Material from Archicad then its Classification(s) is(are) exported too.


10. Utilize Metal on macOS


On macOS, Archicad 25 uses Metal instead of OpenGL as 2D-3D display option.


Thank you @Emoke Csikos, I like your posts.

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