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What is Archicad?

Emoke Csikos
This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour.


Archicad is a software tool for architects working in the architecture-engineering-construction (AEC) industry for designing buildings from the conceptual phase all through to the construction phase.

It is a BIM software developed by Graphisoft, enabling architects to work in a BIM (Building Information Modeling/Management) environment. Archicad works on two platforms: macOS and Windows - with no significant differences between them.

A new version of Archicad is released each year. The latest version is Archicad 27. To download Archicad visit  You can try Archicad in trial or demo mode without purchasing a full license of Archicad.

The Signature Buildings

Each Archicad version has one or more signature buildings, which were designed in Archicad. The signature building is printed on the box in which Archicad is shipped and also appears on the startup screen of the program and in its installer. Archicad 27 has got multiple signature buildings:


Kineum, Sweden | Reflex Architects

Harbor Hideaway, USA | The Up Studio

Tianfu Roadshow Center, China | Tektonn Architects

Future Africa Campus, South Africa | Earthworld Architects

Higher Roch, France | Brenac & Gonzalez

Hospital Nova, Finland | JKMM


Localized versions

Archicad is available in many language versions. They are not just translations of the same interface, but their architectural content and tool defaults are optimized for the local market.

Archicad is a stand-alone software that can be used independently. Still, it is tightly integrated into Graphisoft's ecosystem including DDScad, BIMcloud  and BIMx for efficient and enjoyable work and smooth collaboration in an OPEN BIM workflow with stakeholders of the AEC industry.


To start learning about Archicad, read the article titled Where Should I Start with Archicad.

Get on board with Archicad

If you want to learn about Archicad's capabilities and concepts, watch the video series titled Get on Board with Archicad.

This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour.

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