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Where Should I Start with Archicad?

Emoke Csikos
This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour.
Starting to use Archicad is easy. Just follow the steps below. If you are new to Archicad, you might want to read this quick introductory article: What is Archicad.

Download and install Archicad

Visit GRAPHISOFT's download site to download the installer of Archicad. Before you start the installation, check the article How to Install Archicad and make sure that your computer meets the hardware requirements.

Where to learn Archicad

If you want to learn Archicad, visit this article.

Archicad Licenses

  • After you downloaded and installed Archicad you can launch it.
  • It will search for an available license.
  • If you don’t have a license yet, it can be run in Demo mode.
  • In Demo mode Save and Print/Publish options are disabled.
  • To run Archicad with full functionality, a license is needed.

How to Get an Archicad License

Archicad works with commercial, educational or trial licenses. See Archicad License Types.
  • Commercial license: To get info about purchasing a commercial Archicad license get in touch with your local distributor.
  • EDU license: If you are a student or a professor, visit for an educational license.
  • Trial license: If you want to try Archicad for free, visit this site.

Good to know

  • You can run multiple instances of the same Archicad version using the same license (except Pay-per-use licenses).
  • You can run multiple versions of Archicad. When you install the latest version, there is no need to uninstall the previous one. You can use them simultaneously.
  • Licenses need to be upgraded each year to be able to use the latest version. Without license upgrade you can still use the Archicad version you purchased the license for.
  • Each license runs the corresponding version of Archicad and all previous versions back to version 13. (For example: an Archicad 21 license runs Archicad 21, 20, 19 and previous versions but does not run Archicad 22.)
  • If you have not decided yet to get a license, you can still start to explore Archicad in Demo mode.


This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour.

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