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Where to Learn Archicad?

Emoke Csikos

This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour.

Learn Archicad

  • Check our generic Learning site for a complete overview of the available learning resources.
  • Visit Graphisoft Learn Portal for an ultimate online learning experience tailored to users with various professional backgrounds:
    • enroll in self-paced or trainer-led courses if you are interested in specific topics
    • take one of our dedicated learning paths covering various workflows and use cases
    • get access to our bundles including a bunch of courses in a single package
    • prove your knowledge and excel on the job market with the help of our certificates
    • improve your productivity by downloading e-books covering advanced workflows
  • BIM Curriculum for students, teachers and university lecturers
  • If you are interested in learning GDL, visit GDL Center
  • Contact your local Graphisoft partner for even more learning opportunities

Test your knowledge

Complete the free Archicad Online Test to evaluate your Archicad knowledge

Other resources


We provide support via our distributor channel. If you ever experience that Archicad or other products of GRAPHISOFT behave in a different way from what is documented, you can find useful information on our support site and can always contact your local distributor for support.


This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour.


Thank you so much for boosting certification zone, only one suggestion to mention in the certificate title the version number of Archicad which the trainee studied and tested upon, and if the certificate will be valid for 1 year till the new ( version / course / test ) is prepared or otherwise planned.

I know BIM Manager certificate is valid for 2 years but what about the rest, thank you so much.

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