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Design articles


Archicad Design Checker

Design Checker is a new Archicad functionality that offers easy-to-use model checking capabilities for users to capture errors as they design, right inside Archicad. It utilizes a cloud service called Solibri Inside developed by Nemetschek sister com...

ArchicadDesignChecker.png SolibriInsideChecks.png PropertiesCheckResults.png LastCheck.png

Create a Copy When Stretching Circles

User interactions should behave consistently and with expected results The behavior of the radial stretch command for curved elements was inconsistent, leaving a gap in the user’s workflow when working with circles and ellipses because it was not pos...

Radial.gif Radial.png

Opening Tool - Surface Overrides

The Opening Tool is more precise and flexible The Opening Tool is one of the most frequently used Archicad tools in any project for the modeling, information management, and documentation of openings. Prior to Archicad 26, openings automatically used...

EmokeCsikos_0-1654014079874.png EmokeCsikos_1-1654014079876.png EmokeCsikos_2-1654014079878.png EmokeCsikos_3-1654014079930.png

Custom 2D Details for Archicad Windows

Note: This article was originally published on AsiaBIM and was written for Archicad 21 mainly for architects working on the Singaporean market.Some users like to have their own 2D representations created with lines and fills for the default window wi...

window2d_08-copy.png window2d_01-e1490586545591.png window2d_02.png window2d_03.png

Importing Point Clouds and Modelling the Terrain

A quick way of inserting the representation of the terrain to our model is using the point cloud import feature of Archicad. Point clouds are more and more popular since they can give the most detailed surveying results, however at the same time need...

openpitmine.jpg screen-shot-2016-02-05-at-11-14-19.png screen-shot-2016-02-05-at-11-40-21.png screen-shot-2016-02-05-at-11-45-53.png

Ramp Parapet with Morph Tool

Place a Ramp Object I felt it is good to share some software specific tips and tricks in between my posts focusing on interoperability. In this post I am sharing a tip on how to create guard walls (parapets) along the edge of a curved ramp using Morp...

ramp01.png ramp02.png ramp03.png ramp04.png