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Opening Tool - Surface Overrides

The Opening Tool is more precise and flexible The Opening Tool is one of the most frequently used Archicad tools in any project for the modeling, information management, and documentation of openings. Prior to Archicad 26, openings automatically used...

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Frameless Corner Windows

One kind of a recurring issue is how to create the frameless corner windows, using just a mitered glass connection as below: Switching to the Custom Corner… tab page of the Window settings however doesn’t allow us to choose Glass, but Frame or Corner...

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The Opening Tool in The Open BIM Workflow

It’s important to have cooperation between other design disciplines and architecture. Therefore, ARCHICAD 23 offers you an easy workflow for importing files as an IFC model. Import IFC ‘Provision for Void’ Architects receive Provisions for Voids from...

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The Opening Tool in the Architect’s Workflow

The Opening Tool is one of the new features of ARCHICAD 23, a must-have BIM design tool for the modeling, information management and documentation of openings. Use the new Opening Tool to create holes and recesses/niches that penetrate any number of ...

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How to create custom Openings by using Solid Element Operation

by Dwight Atkinson, Vancouver, Canada Creating wall openings as windows is not the easiest or fastest way to make design experiments with wall openings. For non-critical work, using an SEO (=Solid Element Operation) combined with a Complex Profile Be...

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