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Missing Railing in hotlinks

Affected version: 21 | Severity: fixed | ID: 229227 Issue: If a Railing is associated to a Hotlinked Element (in A.pln), it will work correctly in the file where it was created (in A.pln). In case that you place this file in another project as a Hotl...

wp-content_uploads_2017_12_missing-railin-in-hotlink-1024x103.png wp-content_uploads_2016_06_Info_18x18.png

How to Speed-up Curtain Wall in ARCHICAD 22

You may experience the following whilst working with Curtain Wall in ARCHICAD 22: Working with Large Curtain Walls may cause some slowdowns Curtain wall may be faster in ARCHICAD 21 than in ARCHICAD 22 Working with Large Curtain Walls may cause some ...


Permanent Guides and Snap Guides - Troubleshooting Guide

Permanent Guides issues Parallel snap indicator doesn't appear with a Permanent Guide Issue The Snap Guide's parallel indicator doesn't appear when trying to draw a parallel to a Permanent Guide Solution Workaround: Apply a Snap Guide to the Permanen...

wp-content_uploads_2015_04_parallel-snap-indicator-on-1024x365.png wp-content_uploads_2015_04_parallel-snap-indicator-off-1024x402.png wp-content_uploads_2015_04_perm-guide-dragging.png wp-content_uploads_2015_04_create-perm-guide-tab.png

How to create a Morph Tube

Have you tried to trace a line in space with the morph tool to make handrails while Archicad rotated the anchor point and tube surface when changing planes? This article will show you step by step how to avoid this problem. 1. Introduce a horizontal ...

wp-content_uploads_TubeTwistWorkaround-e1417101776258.png wp-content_uploads_TubePickPoint-e1417101759518.png wp-content_uploads_TubeSpatial-e1417101767721.png wp-content_uploads_TubeNonTwisting-e1417101739604.png