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How to Create a Terrain with the Mesh Tool Based on a 2D Linework

Emoke Csikos
Architects often receive the surveyor's data in the form of a 2D linework with height values. Follow the steps below to model the terrain based on the 2D linework.
  • Create a mesh using the Mesh Tool, following the outer contour of the linework
  • Select the mesh and activate the Mesh Tool
  • Press space and click on a contour line (Magic Wand). ARCHICAD will add mesh points to that contour line
  • Click on one of the created points and enter the given Z coordinate in the dialog (‘Apply to All’ will add the same height value for all the points on the same contour).
  • Repeat the steps with all contour lines. As a result you will get a mesh with its points at the correct height.

Further Tips

  • If you want, you can hide the new ridges on the floor plan. Open the Settings Dialog of the selected mesh and on the 'Floor Plan and Section' tab page under 'Outlines' set the 'Ridge Selection' parameter value to 'Show User Defined Ridges'.
  • You can also reduce the number of ridges displayed in 3D by smoothening them. Open the Settings Dialog of the selected mesh and on the 'Model' tab page under '3D Appearance' select the 'All Ridges Smooth' option.
  • What if the received 2D linework is too detailed, containing too many polygons? You can simplify it easily. See how you can do this here.
  • Want to do the opposite and extract contours from a mesh? Learn how you can do this here.
Thomas Nymann

Anyway to have AC automatically create meshpoints/Rdigelines from multiple lines. Just to avoid manually Magic Wand + Clicking on every single contour line?

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