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Winder Types in ARCHICAD

Also see: Stair Tool Basics - How to create Stairs with Equal Going/Run winders Stair Tool Basics - How to create Stairs with Equal Angle winders There are four different methods available to construct a Winder with Equal Goings (that is, all goings ...

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Degenerated Polygons

Affected version: all ARCHICAD versions | Severity: workaround applicable Overall explanation One of the most common error messages is "Polygon is degenerated". It is also written in the Report: This article shows what does this mean, how can it be a...

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Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Live connection

The Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Live Connection Add-On enables users to create and manipulate full-fledged BIM models through Grasshopper’s visual scripting interface to create geometries in ARCHICAD which weren't possible to create before and still retai...

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Creative Uses of Complex Profiles

Original thread is published at AECBytes: written by Eric Bobrow Principal, Bobrow Consulting Group Although AECBytes has already archived the original thread of this article, we kept t...

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How to use the Home Story parameter in Favorites

The Home Story parameter in Favorites is a little bit hard to understand. Using a fix story as a saved parameter is not ideal when working in floor plan, and relative story (Open Story + 2) makes no sense when you're in a 3D view or a section, so it ...

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Permanent Guides and Snap Guides - Troubleshooting Guide

Permanent Guides issues Parallel snap indicator doesn't appear with a Permanent Guide Issue The Snap Guide's parallel indicator doesn't appear when trying to draw a parallel to a Permanent Guide Solution Workaround: Apply a Snap Guide to the Permanen...

wp-content_uploads_2015_04_parallel-snap-indicator-on-1024x365.png wp-content_uploads_2015_04_parallel-snap-indicator-off-1024x402.png wp-content_uploads_2015_04_perm-guide-dragging.png wp-content_uploads_2015_04_create-perm-guide-tab.png

How to create a Morph Tube

Have you tried to trace a line in space with the morph tool to make handrails while Archicad rotated the anchor point and tube surface when changing planes? This article will show you step by step how to avoid this problem. 1. Introduce a horizontal ...

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How to Place Doors and Windows in ARCHICAD 17

The principles of the door and window placement The placement of openings is still done with two clicks: The first click for the longitudinal positioning in the wall and also for the determination of the reveal side. The second click for the opening ...

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How to create custom Solid bodies using Shell

The Shell Tool that was introduced in ARCHICAD 15 is a very versatile Tool. However, as its name implies, it is a Shell, it is a body of constant thickness generated onto a membrane. ARCHICAD users may encounter situations where they need the Shell t...

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Advanced MORPH texturing techniques

You can find the making of the mediterranean house at the end of this article. Texture Mapping If your Morph uses a material that includes a texture, you can control how that texture is displayed on the Morph surfaces. The Texture Mapping definition ...

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The Morph Tool

Use the Morph tool to create freeform elements within ARCHICAD, so you don't have to import special shapes from other programs. The Morph tool is fully integrated into ARCHICAD, and works with a familiar logic and interface. However, there are some M...

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How to Create a Spiral Beam

As we know a spiral is a space curve with a consistent arc and a consistent inclination angle at all points. ARCHICAD’s Beam Tool does not have a curved option. Therefore any curve in the Beam must be created out of straight segments. So a possible o...

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Tips to work with Guide Lines

Guide Lines are drafting aids which help you find special points and projections, to ensure precise input in both 2D and 3D windows. Guide Lines are based on the cursor’s relationship to the input plane and to existing elements. 1 - Show/Hide Guide L...

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How to create Custom Window

In ARCHICAD, it is possible to save elements created on the Floor Plan as GDL files, so that they become a new Object, Door or Window or custom components of existing GDL Library Parts. Saving structural elements as Library Parts can be a very useful...

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How to create Balusters in Archicad

Revolved elements can be created using Complex Profiles, Shells or Morphs. In this example we are using Complex Profiles to create custom-shaped balusters. Step 1: Draw Profile Create a Complex Profile of the Baluster that you want to use. Make sure ...

wp-content_uploads_archicadwiki_complexprofilebalustrades--balustercopied1.png wp-content_uploads_archicadwiki_complexprofilebalustrades--balusterready2.png wp-content_uploads_archicadwiki_complexprofilebalustrades--material.png wp-content_uploads_archicadwiki_complexprofilebalustrades--balusterjo.png
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Trim, Crop and Solid Element Operation Features of ARCHICAD

Trim Slanted Walls to Roof This article discusses the methods to trim a Slanted Wall to a Roof or Shell element. In ARCHICAD 15 there are now three designated roof elements: Multi-plane Roof - New in AC15 Single-plane Roof Shell Tool - New in AC15 Th...

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How to Create a Flat Top Roof

This article describes how to create sloping structures in Archicad, e.g. what you would find in flat top roofs. The Slab tool can not have a slope. So here is how you do it. Consider the following flat roof: Its section looks like this: Sloping "sla...

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How to create gable profile with Shell Tool

This article would like to provide you with some information of the free usage of Shell Tool for example by creating a gable profile. Step 1: Create a profile from Polyline on the Floorplan In this example we create a traditional Hungarian profile fr...

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Intersection of Straight and Slanted Walls

The connection of two Walls and their Fills on the Floor Plan does not match your needs. The intersection depends on the Reference Lines of the Walls (turn on View menu/On-Screen View Options/'Walls & Beams Reference Lines' option), on the geometry m...

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Solid Element Operations in Archicad

Originally published at AECBytes: written by Eric Bobrow Principal, Bobrow Consulting GroupArchicad's Solid Element Operations (SEO) are powerful tools to carve and model complex shapes...

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How to create custom Openings by using Solid Element Operation

by Dwight Atkinson, Vancouver, Canada Creating wall openings as windows is not the easiest or fastest way to make design experiments with wall openings. For non-critical work, using an SEO (=Solid Element Operation) combined with a Complex Profile Be...

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How to create chimneys in Archicad

This article is based on a thread from our Design Forum. 1 - The Column Tool trick Simply place columns into the wall where you want the chimneys to be - just make sure they go all the way up on each floor. This works fine for singular flues in 2D pl...


How to modify the Side Contour of a Wall

Walls in ARCHICAD by default have a uniform height along the whole element. By trimming Walls with Roofs or using Solid Element Operations (SEOs) with the Wall as target and Roofs/Beams/Slabs etc. as Operators, the contours of Walls can again be modi...

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Selecting Elements Across Several Stories

- by Ben Frost, UK and Eric Link, Worldwide ARCHICAD specialist Is there a way to group walls/elements that occur on different stories? - select them in the 3D window and 'Group'. The above answer of Ben Frost is 100% OK, but Link's advice may be of ...

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The Eye-Dropper and Syringe

Originally published at Cadalyst, written by Eric Bobrow Principal, Bobrow Consulting GroupEditor's note: This tutorial courtesy of ARCHICAD. ARCHICAD is a very flexible environment for modeling and documenting architectural designs. Every tool has m...

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