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Why Archicad?

Emoke Csikos

This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour.


If you are wondering which BIM software solution to choose here are some of our arguments to support the idea of choosing Archicad.

Ease of Use and Intuitiveness


Archicad is designed by architects for architects. The structure of the software reflects and covers the complete workflow of architectural design practices. Modeling tools enable a fast, seamless and intuitive work through the design process. You can easily model your building in 3D in a perspective view.


The graphical user interface is intuitive, interactive, quick to learn and fun to work with. The most relevant tools, editing, and input options are always at hand. Numerous on-screen input aids, such as the smart cursor, the magic wand, guidelines, snap guides and the pet palette enables fast and accurate work. Learn more...



Automated Documentation. The Publisher collects, organizes, automates, and simplifies the repeated and consistent output of documentation sets. Learn more...

Automatic connections of elements. Construction elements connect automatically in their intersections based on the Intersection Priority of Building Materials controlled by the architect. No need to manually adjust intersections. Learn more...

Integrated Libraries of Smart Objects. Archicad provides over 3000 building objects, localized to national standards, ready to be placed into your design. Learn more...

Open Collaboration and Information Management


Archicad’s IFC-based open design workflow enables architects to seamlessly collaborate with structural and MEP engineers or other stakeholders of the AEC industry. Archicad is internationally recognized as the BIM solution providing the most comprehensive IFC import and export. Learn more...

Archicad enables error-free information management and model-based design analysis and coordination through interactive schedules, quantity take-offs, property management, implementation of global classification standards, collision detection, review management, and energy performance analysis. Learn more...

Archicad reads and writes various file formats: point-cloud, raster- and vector-based drawings, images, and model-based, 3D file formats. Learn more...

Professional Presentation


BIMx: free access to your model

BIMx mobile apps make BIM projects accessible to everyone. You can present or view any BIM project on your mobile device (on Android and iOS). Download the model and view it in the app. BIMx Web Viewer enables the viewing of any BIM project in a web browser without having to download and install the mobile app. Learn more...


The built-in rendering engine: Cineware

Cineware (developed by Maxon) enables the creation of professional, photo-realistic renderings. Cineware also includes preset “White Model” rendering scenes. Monochrome White Model renders are similar to physical 3D models made of cardboard or clay that are loved and often used by architects. Learn more...

Archicad also offers direct export to Cinema4D, Artlantis, Twinmotion, and 3ds Max to create professional animations.


Twinmotion integration into Archicad

As of Archicad 23, Twinmotion (developed by Epic Games) is integrated into Archicad via its dynamic live link, so architects can benefit from the latest real-time rendering visualization technology. Twinmotion is based on the highly advanced Unreal Engine. Learn more...



BIMcloud provides fast and secure real-time teamwork between architects. Our technology ensures that after the initial sharing of the project only changes are exchanged between workstations, which means that network traffic is significantly reduced enabling fast and productive teamwork. Learn more...

Algorithmic Design


The Archicad-Rhino-Grasshopper toolset offers a live, bi-directional connection and enables architects to work with free-form, algorithmic design geometries and accurately transform these into full-fledged BIM elements. Learn more...



Archicad is available in 28 language versions. These are not just translations of the interface, but preset element favorites, documentation sets, annotation defaults, etc., templates are also tailored to comply with local standards and requirements.


Archicad works both on macOS and Windows. Since 1993 Archicad is developed for both major platforms. Learn more...

You Have Our Attention


We are with you on your way of learning Archicad. We are happy to share our 35+ years of experience and knowledge in BIM. There are plenty of free learning resources created by GRAPHISOFT for different levels of knowledge. Learn more...


We listen to our customers. GRAPHISOFT provides technical support via its distributor channel all over the world. You can always talk to a GRAPHISOFT professional in your language who is eager to help. Learn more...

This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour.

I have been using Archicad for decades now, and I still look forward to the joy of using it every day.  It's fun to use.  What I like most about the program is that I am always able to do what need to done using Archicad.  I might need to be a little clever about how to do it, but I like that too :).   Whatever it is you need to do to produce the Working Drawings necessary to construct a building - you can do it very well with Archicad, and have fun doing it!  That is a really important factor in choosing any software that you will be using every day.     

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