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AC 20 5025 and CM 6.04a License issue

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After updating new CodeMeter driver and Archicad to v.5025 I got strange to invent reports. Archicad is opening very slowly or it freezes during the process. The problem occurs mostly on the computer containing all keys and we are not able to run Archicad locally. Before the update, this setup worked fine.

Error in CodeMeter Events:

2017-04-07 14:21:16: Info: A CmWAN-Server cannot do a client-side Access over CmWAN.
2017-04-07 14:21:16: Entry (5000003:63:134479103) not found - Event WB0200 (ENTRY NOT FOUND), Request IP-Address local(IPV6)(Studio_01) with StationShare Mode
2017-04-07 14:21:16: API Error 200 (ENTRY NOT FOUND) occurred!

I have updated windows, drivers, java. I have also tried latest CodeMeter drivers 6.04b Error occurs all the time. Plese, help
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