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AC 27 Section Tool and Elevation tool crash when trying to load a view


How can I avoid the crash and save the file? I can't select everything to move it into a new project in the hopes of fixing the issue because 3D view crashes too for some reason when trying to select objects at the same time.


Crash ID is something of the sort: AC27-2023-10-40-44-7092 for 3D situation; AC27-2023-10-23-10-1113 for Elevation tool

Multiple crashes report were sent yesterday, experimenting with what causes the crashes exactly.


Computer is Lenovo Legion Slim 5 series of the latest. 

Apologies, if the bug is already on the forums.



Have you loaded any additional library or object that is used in the model.


Can you choose to repair the file?

Botonis Botonakis
Civil Engineer, Enviromental Design MSc., BIM Manager for BS ArhitectsVR
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Archicad 27. Windows 11. Intel Xeon 2699x2,64 GB RAM, Nvidia 3080Ti. 2 Monitors.

I had 2 added library objects that I decided not to use and removed them from the library in the end. The only thing that is new compared other projects I had made was to change colours of walls/furniture etc. in Plan View and outlines of objects in 3D view. In terms of elements present in the moment is too few to really trouble the computer or the program.


I haven't checked for repair of the file. What I did normally is to copy paste objects while all are selected from one file to other from Plan View but that crashes the program.



I have a discovery of sorts. Equipment tools section crashes when I try to select them compared to the rest, no matter how few or numerous they are. I have 9 elements from those. When I removed them selection of everything works and Section views all work and in 3D.


So this probably for some reason crashed my project and was the problem.

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