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AC17 Hotfix 4005 Wont Install

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i have a PC and Laptop, both 64bit windows 7

i cant seem to get the latest hotfix to install?

any ideas on getting it to work?

iv got trend micro on the PC switched off when i try to install, didnt seem to help. another PC in the office with trend also had the hotfix install no issue.

need to get this sorted ASAP.

Eduardo Rolon
This means that the file didn't download correctly, redownload the file and verify that its size is not 0
Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
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Barry Kelly
If you downloaded the hotfix separately on each machine then maybe one of them is not complete as Eduardo suggested.
If it was the same download that you transferred between machines then that is a mystery.
Try copying the hotfix from the machine that worked to your other one rather than re-downloading it (if that is not what you have done already).

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cheers guys that was it.. the file sizes didnt match. redownloaded it and all good.
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