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AC26 update 5003 crash

Rick Thompson

Man, it's getting scary to update AC anymore.  The magic wand was fine, now AC crashed twice wanding a wall to a slab??? It was fine before the update.  And what does it take to stop AC from demanding screen focus just to open???  I am so tired of typing (and even a bug report), to realize, once again.. duh, I tried to do something else waiting on AC to open.  This has been a complaint for decades.  This software is too expensive to be released this sloppy.  I want to get a new Mac Studio to go silicon, but I'm scared I'll waste too much time dealing with bugs.  


Rant over.. for a minute at least.

Rick Thompson
Mac Sonoma AC 26
Mac M2 studio w/ display
Arash Kiabayan

Hi Rick,


Thanks for your input and sorry to hear about the issue that you are experiencing. 

Honestly, we are not aware of any regression bug or issue with the latest update of AC26 [5003]. Therefore, at this moment, I would like to kindly ask you to contact your local support and they will assist you with the issue. 


You can search for them here.


Kind regards,


Thanks for replying.  I have been reluctant to keep using the wand like this since it means crashing and wasting time.. but maybe it's just me and who knows, maybe a bad file.  I'll spend some time on other files experimenting and se what happens.

Rick Thompson
Mac Sonoma AC 26
Mac M2 studio w/ display

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