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ARCHICAD 27 - Slow zoom and pan




I recently been using Archicad 27 and i clearly notice that this version is very slow when i pan and zoom (in or out) in 2D. It seems to get worse the more time i spend working and the more object the project has displayed. This does not happen in 3D. The zoom is slower when the mouse is over an object or wall or something...I worked before on Archicad 25 and never had this issue. The PC specs are good : I9 13900KF, RTX 3090, 64GB RAM, SSD disks...

Can someone give me some advice to what's seems to be happening here ?


Thanks !

HK ARCHITECTURE - Kévin PAIVA (France / Portugal)
Archicad 27
Windows 11 / I9 13900KF / RTX 3090 / 64GB RAM DDR4 / UltraWide Monitor

Hi @joelsdg, sent this thread and a bit of info about the problem existing since AC26 to local support and got the response of "system requirements", they even said my M1pro wasn't good enough (Recommend M1 Max and above according to them).

Doesn't really help us and we do feel annoyed that we've upgraded. The huge price increase in April made us jump to AC27 before we needed to to get the cheaper rate. AC22 was more than enough for our needs and now we have Monterey installed on our iMacs it isn't really stable enough to use. 

Think we are going to struggle along with reduced graphic settings until M4 Macs come out. 

Archicad 27 Solo

Mac OS 12.7.4 (intel)

Thank you for going through all of that trouble to get more information, jdub, I really appreciate it.  I'll consider going the same route with Graphisoft North America, to see what they say.  Thank you, again.


It does make me wonder if I should recommend cancelling the annual subscription if we can't trust Graphisoft's "Hardware Requirements" list.  We tend to keep our Macs for several years because they "just work". And we don't need the latest/greatest software every year or two if the hardware upgrades are also required.



AC 6.5-27; macOS Sonoma; 2019 MacBook Pro 2.4gHz, i9