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Another print fill bug in AC10-966

Thomas Holm
I've got a mysterious fill print bug in build 966:
If the previous print was made with Print ghost story ON,
Some (not all) Solid fills print in the ghost story color instead of their own (white or black). This happens when I print S/E views where the print ghost story option is dimmed (and thus also not possible to turn off).

It seems that the fills affected are either non-rectangular or cropped some way, for example by the print margin. Also, the print scale should be rather large, not less than 1:20 for this to happen. But i can't verify these conditions generally.

I have not tested with other colors, but it is definitely a reproducible bug. I can get rid of it by doing a print of a floor plan with PrintGhostStory turned off before I priint the S/E. But it's hard to remember doing that!
AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1

Thomas Holm
I've got confirmation. It's a bug. Always check Ghost story off before printing to avoid it.
AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1

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