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ArchiCAD 19 - Hard Disk Fills up while PUBLISHING .pdf

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Hi All,

On one of our projects, We are publishing 100 odd PDF's through the publisher. They are mapped to publish to our server.

When publishing the Hard Disk starts to progressively fill up, resulting in failed published drawings and ultimately ArchiCAD being forced to close.

There are big amounts of data being written to the Hard Disk during the publishing process, even though its saving the files to the server.

When I save the PDF's from the 'Save As' menu, this issue doesn't happen.

Any Ideas as to why this is happening

Kind Regards
Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Never heard of such a problem before. There are a lot of factors this can depend on.
The following information might help:

Are you on the Latest update of ARCHICAD 19?
What platform are you on? (windows 10?)
What are the specs of your machine? (RAM, CPU)
How much Hard Disk space does it eat up? (1 GB? 50 GB?)
Is it possible that it runs out of RAM, and starts dumping data to the Hard Drive?
Can you try it on other machines as well? (maybe it works fine on other machines, and it is just your computer)
Can you try it with other ARCHICAD versions? (like 21)
Does this happen both in Teamwork and a Solo version of the project?
If you publish it to your own hard drive, not the server, does it work fine?
What protocol are you using to mount the Server? (smb?)

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for your reply.

I had tired on multiple machines and had the same issue.

I contacted GS with the standard logs and PLA files for testing. It was elevated to HQ and the response I was the following.

"The Developer informed that the problem is related to a new bug, unfortunately we could not find any workaround.
The problem is caused by opening layouts. During publishing process layouts are opened automatically but you can do this also manually and the result is similar. A lot of temporary files are put into the Temp folder with name ImageCacheFile_0855989896 or similar with another number at the end. These are cache files of ARCHICAD used for drawing images on the screen. They are kept for an unreasonable period of time, and since there is a lot of them they use a huge amount of disk space all together.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience, I hope the issue is fixed soon."

Kind Regards
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