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[ArchiCAD26 EDU] - Error at startup, libmmd.dll missing


Hello Everyone, I'm currently struggling with the "libmmd.dll" error at startup on ArchiCAD26 EDU. I have contacted my local support regarding Archicad but they didn't know how to resolve the problem either so that's the reason for the post.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Archicad from scratch multiple times. This did not resolve the issue.
After that, I proceeded to uninstall and reinstall Cinema 4D.  This ended up not working either.
Link: ""

After further research, I stumbled across a post about this issue with a previous version of Archicad.

Link: "
Unfortunately, I did not see which visual C++ version had to be used for Archicad 26 EDU.

Many thanks in advance and kind regards,

Barry Kelly

They are links to the old forum.

Here is a link to an article in this forum (a simple search found it).


It will link you to another article that has the 3rd party installers you need, but only goes up to version 25.

I would give that a go (I think the C++ installer might be the same one you want.

I have asked in the comment section if there is an update for 26, so keep an eye on that.



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I wanted to comment on this. I used the post "3rd party installers for Graphisoft products" which lists the additional software for the usage of Archicad 21-25.

I installed all the Archicad 25 additional software, and didn't reinstall it but used the "repair" function which checked the software and repaired it. I proceeded to launch Archicad 26 and it worked fine after. The issue of the libmmd.ddl missing was resolved. I assume it was an issue with one of the software that was installed prior.