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Archicad 25 SNAP GUIDES


Hello Everybody. 


We have finally upgraded to AC 25 (from 22)!


Generally I think the version is a little slower then working with 22 but that's not the topic today. 


Ever sense GS introduced the new guideline system with snap points and snap lines I've been addicted to the Q-shortcut. In every version sense it came it have always reacted and created a blue line or point for me in an instance.


In AC 25 somethings wrong.

It doesn't reacting as I'm used to. Sometimes (if I'm lucky) the Q-shortcut works as fast as it did before. But most of the time it doesn't. 


I've check the work environment, the shortcut is not changed in any way compared to AC22. 


Have anyone else this problem?


I hope I was able to explain. Let me know if you need any clarification 




Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Are you using AC 25 or AC25 Update 2?

If you use AC25, the first thing I would do is install Update 2 and see if the problem persists.


You could also clean Preferences:


Another thing I was thinking of is whether you are working in a project migrated from a previous version. If yes, what happens if you start a brand new project in AC25 based on the default Template and also use the default Work Environment, does the problem occur then? (Just trying to figure out whether it is file-specific.)


Also, did you migrate your Work Environment or are you using the default AC25 Work Environment?

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Hi Laszlo! 


Thank you for your replay. 


Regarding the update, if there's no change from how it used to work:

Went to "help" and clicked "checked for updates" and tells me I'm all upp to date. If it makes a difference I'm using the SWE version. 


If it makes a difference i can see from the library that i'm using AC 25.0.0 SWE v1. 


I cleaned my preferences about 3-4 weeks ago, and did today just now.. 



I did not migrate my work environment, "always make a new one" I've been told by Susanne at GS Sweden. Neither is our template migrated, I used the Swedish standard version and made some minor changes to suit us. 


Anyhow, after the clean i started a new project and used the standard template with the standard work environment. The problem is still the same. 


It's very strange... and frustrating. 


I hope that i've misunderstood something about how the updating works and that will solve it. 



Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I see.

The slowness may be caused by other things, sometimes other applications.

For example, if I run too many programs at the same time, Archicad starts reacting slow to commands, the Info Box is slow to populate with icons and so on. If I quit those programs that require much CPU resources the problem is resolved.

You could check your Task Manager to see if there are any programs using lots of CPU resources.

Another thing may be an antivirus software. That can also cause slowdowns.

Otherwise I don't have any other suggestions because I do not know the mac too well, I am on Windows.

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Hi, I had this problem exactly. I tried the usual things and couldn't figure it out. I finally tried turning the Guidelines off and then on in the menu. (See attached) It worked after that and has stayed on. Give it a try.


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Hi Gerald, thanks for the help. 

Unfortunately it didn't work for me 😞


I can't understand what's wrong... 


Thanks for trying to help me at least. 

I've checked the task manager, all is fine. And everything works as it should. 

I don't use more programs then AC and perhaps safari at the same time. 


I will try to reinstall Archicad when I have some time over. 


Thanks again for taking the time. 

Nina Sandahl

Have the same problem, get snap guides but no snap point like Im used to? Also have Archicad swe

Hi Nina, 
So this might be a Swedish problem...


I'm going to reinstall the Swedish version, and also install the international version. And compare them. 


I'll get back to you here. 



I've now reinstalled AC 25 SWE. No difference, the problem is still the same. 

I've installed AC 25 INT. And i have the same problem. 


But as Nina pointed out it's the snap points that's not working. The lines work fine. 
My colleague's new macbook will arrive this Friday, and I'll check if that compute works better.