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Archicad Teamwork Module Unlinking/Story confusion problem

We are having a problem in an Archicad in a building that is 14 floors, with several modules making up many of the floors.

The file is teamworked, usually with between 4 and 7 users logged in. Until the last week or so, it has been working fine.

Late last week, we started having a problem with modules displaying on incorrect stories. Mostly, modules placed on various stories throughout the building now showed up on the first story. When this happens, the file no longer appears on its proper story.

Even more interesting is that modules placed on the upper stories are sometimes remaining where they are, but becoming unlinked.

Something that is interesting is that the last time it happened, the unlinked elements were divided by "marqueed" workspace. Two users had the stories signed out with marqueed areas, and the unlinked module was now grouped elements, with each group inside one user's workspace.

The solution has been to sign in as team leader with exclusive access, delete the offending modules, and re-place them in their proper story.

Since this is project's deadline is rapidly approaching, we cannot afford any problems of this magnitude. Please advise on any possible solutions.

We are on Mac OS 10.3, Archicad 8.1 V2 build 2284.
Tom Waltz

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