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Azure virtual desktop: Mouse cursor not sticking on the line while drawing in ArchiCAD 24


Hi ArchiCAD experts! Does anyone here has any idea how to get the mouse cursor to follow the line when you are drawing in ArchiCAD? I'm trying to solve an issue for a user who is using ArchiCAD on a Azure virtual desktop (GPU optimised N series). The remote desktop connection is stable and machine is highly spec that can accomodate multiple users. Every movement within the application is fast and smooth  and is comparable if not faster than running ArchiCAD on the local machine except the mouse cursor that doesn't stick to the line when he draws or moving the cursor up and down. The faster he moves, the further the cursor is from the line. I have tried upgrading the spec, adjusting mouse sensitivity, disable mouse acceleration etc but nothing seems to work.


I'm just wondering if there is there anything within ArchiCAD that needs tweaking to get this work. I'm not an ArchiCAD user so am trying everything I can find on the net and hopefully someone can shed some light on this. Thanks in advance 🙂


Is cursor accuracy correct outside of AC?

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Yes it is 😃

Karl Ottenstein

Forgive my ignorance... but is the Azure virtual desktop behaves like an actual Windows machine?... if so, make sure that the system text setting is set to 100% and not some larger value.


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Erwin Edel

We had problems with accuracy using Windows remote desktop solution. The better solution for us is running your (project) data through remote connection and running the software locally. Or old fashioned copying of files to take them home (work 'offline').


Basically the input delay due to using remote desktop was causing problems.

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Currently users runs ArchiCAD locally and connected to a remote library similar to your setup but we are hoping that users will get a similar experience on the virtual desktop since everything else within the software performs really smoothly. A ticket has been raised with Graphisoft and will see what they come back with.