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Hi there, I've been trying to access the MyArchicad page to get the serial number of my educational license. When the page opens, i click the "login" button, log in using my credentials, and the page returns to the MyArchicad page, apparentelly witho...

Archicad and iPad Sidecar

I have been wanting a little more screen space. I had forgotten to try Sidecar for Apple Mac. My iPad has a whole new life now! I love the set up. I can open pallets that use to float in the way. The screen on top is 32" Samsung and the computer is m...


Archicad 25 SNAP GUIDES

Hello Everybody. We have finally upgraded to AC 25 (from 22)! Generally I think the version is a little slower then working with 22 but that's not the topic today. Ever sense GS introduced the new guideline system with snap points and snap lines I've...

Frillex by Advocate
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Archicad 25 on Mac Lagging

Hi. I have problem with Archicad when Trace & Reference is on. I am using MacBook Pro M1 Max with 64 gb memory. The performance supposed to be good, but I can’t even start to draw because of this lag, mouse not even moving on the screen. Is there any...

Resolved! Developer License

Hi. I've opted in for a Developer License and just want to know that how long would it usually takes for someone to contact me?I'm in Thailand. So, would it be some one from Graphisoft or from a retailer in Thailand? Thank you.

Palawat by Advocate
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Error Login

I cannot login in graphisoft via PC from internet or directly from Archicad. I got err_connection_refused. My seller cannot resolve the problem. In my mobile phone I don't have this problem.Do you guys know how to help me. Thanks.


I didn't receive my new license code that's why I can't complete my homeword at univercity

Archicad 22 does not recognize hardware key

I am using Mac OS 10.15.7 Catalina.I have installed Archicad 22.I have also installed and run the Graphisoft License Manager Tool(LMT). The LMT recognizes my hardware key and shows both that the key is up to date and the content of the key is an Arch...

SGA by Participant
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