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Save File to Older Version

I have Archicad 23 Solo which I bought a few years ago with the purpose of moving from AutoCAD to Archicad. It didn't happen as I struggled to get to grips with it but I have decided to give it another go. I have enrolled in Graphisoft Learn as they ...

Dylan by Participant
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[ArchiCAD25] - Error at startup, libmmd.dll missing

Hi all, I'm currently struggling with the libmmd.dll error at startup on ArchiCAD25 and the Cineware warning prior to start rendering process saying that Maxon's Cineware add-on crashed and Archicad needs to be restarted.The library is still missing ...

Archicad 25 educational license

Hello…I want to download Archicad 25 educational version but everytime i try to sign in into graphisoft the page cant load. I can access all Archicad sites except 

Mbithi by Participant
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Upgrading Bimcloud Basic from Teamwork v22 to v25

Hi!I've got Bimcloud Basic 2021.2 ( working fine with Teamwork v22.Now I've done migrating fromt Archicad v22 to v25 and I need to upgrade Bimcloud Basic to work with Teamwork v25. How can I solve this issue?

leoner by Participant
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Migrate Teamwork Project list purge

I had several files fail to migrate or crash during migration, resulting in 5 unnecessary/unwanted files listed in the "migrate teamwork project" list. Where do I purge these? does a preferences clean up clear these out, or is it buried somewhere els...

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4dProof by Expert
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installation problem Archicad 24

I'm using Archicad 24 student version on my old pc. Now I have a new (more powerfull) PC with the same operatingsystem (windows 10). While installing (Archicad-24-ned-3008-1.0) I receive the message that my operating system is out of date. troublesho...

Cinerender crash on Mac

Hello!I have been using Archicad 25 on Mac M1.Everything used to work fine and I did render in Archicad using Cineware on that computer without any problems. however now Cinrender crashes every time I try to render. The suggested solution from previo...