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CI Tools with AC 26 for Apple Silicon

Steve Campbell

AC 26 for Apple Silicon US isn't recognizing any of the CI Tools Add-Ons. I'm still able to use the CI Tools Door and Window objects but get the warning about missing add-ons on opening project files and the Add-On Manager says all of the CI Tools Add-Ons are outdated and can't be used with this version of Archicad.


IIRC this was a problem with the first preview release, but went away with the second preview release.


Barry Kelly

Has CI re-compiled its add-on for Apple Silicon version?

You need to install the Apple Silicon version as the Apple INTEL version will not work.

Objects are just objects and work on any platform, but the add-ons are platform specific.



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No they haven't. I guess that's what I thought I was pointing out in my original post.

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner

Barry has already answered, but yeah, we are still working on recompiling all of our addons, retesting everything, and updating our installer.

If you want to get hold of builds when they are ready for Beta testing, let me know, and I can send them through to you.

Josh Osborne - Central Innovation

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Thanks I've signed up for beta testing.

Is this resolved now? I don't normally use a Mac, so not that familiar with all the idosincrencies, I've just uploaded AC26, to MacBook Air with M2, but only get the option of AC25 tools in the CI tools installer

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner

hi - yes the Ci Tools with ARM support were released late last year

if you have the arm build of Archicad 26 installed, it should show in the list of available versions to install to in the Ci Tools installer
it should look something like this (I have the x86 and arm versions both installed):



Josh Osborne - Central Innovation

HP Zbook Studio G4 - Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7 7820HQ, 32Gb RAM, Quadro M1200

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