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cefSharp.browser subprocess - Fatal error

Hi all,I'm a student working on my final project on ver. 24. Have been working perfectly fine for the past 4 months, then started to add Enscape 3.1 to ver. 24; all still image render and video render worked fine until 2 days ago.This morning, I had ...

ew_rush by Participant
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Resolved! Archicad 20 disappeared from my front computer screen

My Archicad just disappeared from the front page of the computer and I do not know how to access it. I have a complex project almost complete. I just saved it. When I went to reopen, I am guessing that I dragged the image off the page or maybe clicke...

2021-11-19 (2).png
EXPODTL by Contributor
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Resolved! 4K Screen/Monitor Settings

Hello, I don't seem to find a solution to my issue.When I changed the laptop, like two years ago, drawing straight lines, walls, etc. becomes increasingly complicated on a 4K monitor. I tried to change the Cursor snapping range from 5 to 3 but it sti...

SergeA by Participant
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renewal license

Can you please help me to renewal my Archicad license. I send my student certificate to this email ""no one answer me.

Gray text in expression editor

Hello, Can anyone advise me why I have gray text in the expression editor? It is very hard to read, especially when also background of the text is grayed out. Text is gray also when the expression is written properly, not only with this gibberish in ...


Resolved! Extra-large floating display AC25

Any floating screen that has to do with locating or assigning files (save as, open) appears as very extended, occupying several times the size of the monitor, with no possibility of reducing its size.AC25 is reinstalled. I work on MacOS Monterey.I wo...

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AC25 and External SSD

Has anyone else had odd issues with saving to an external drive while using AC25? I have done this numerous times over the years on projects that I will work on from work and home. If I explain even explain it well enough... I finish up at the office...

Red by Enthusiast
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Resolved! How to disable Archicad Bug Reporter

It's annoying enough that your expensive software keeps crashing at all - the subsequent bug report, asking you to waste even more time filling out bug reports feels a bit like a [moderated]. I suggest that the bug reporter should be an opt-in featur...

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JiriAus by Participant
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