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Devices with touch screen in 2021 and Archicad

Hello, I saw some threads from 2009 where people dreamed to use AC on their windows device with a touch screen. It's 2021 and no changes and I check quite regularly if there is any progress planned. For example, I using ConceptD 3 Ezel Pro there is n...

AC25 + Mojave

... can anyone explain why AC25 cannot run on Mojave on a metal capable mac, or if there might be a workaround, with many thanks...

Issue on uploading license

I cannot upload my license anymore. While loging in my account the license manager asks me my authentication key, after I enter my e-mail and password. I don´t have any idea what it is about, and I don´t know If I have one, after that I just cannot d...

4K Monitor default line is very narrow

 Hi, I just bought a 4K monitor and when I turn off real line weight (valós tollvastagság) all the lines became 1pixel wide which is really hard to see. Is there an option to change it to 2-4pixel wide? It was fine on the old Fhd monitor because it’s...

Resolved! Archicad 25 - Converting Trial File to Archicad solo file

Good evening all, I need some help regarding the conversion of a trial file. Basically I have started a project in Trial mode to see if it would work, but then bought a Solo licence after I decided it was the right software (I was trialling lots of o...

Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 20.11.16.png
JDT by Participant
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Getting borrowable license

Good afternoon!Can someone clarify how to update the existing NET licenses to borrowable licenses? Local distributor is not an option.Thanks!


See graphic error on buttons in menubar and toolbar. There are horizontal or vertical lines running through buttons depending on their size and orientation. Happened after I updated project from 23 to 24, but may be unrelated. See images:

CleanShot 2021-11-22 at 11.25.41@2x.png CleanShot 2021-11-22 at 11.26.40@2x.png CleanShot 2021-11-23 at 08.05.33@2x.png
ka by Contributor
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AC 25 INT (4013) vs. AC 25 NOR (3011)

Hi! I have an issue regarding different type of Archicad versions when it comes to Teamwork. I have recently purchased an AC 25 INT version which has the latest Build, also 4013. I collaborate with a company which uses the AC 25 NOR version with the ...

BIM Cloud Server not Accessible

Hi, I've been trying to work with a new machine (Macbook Pro Apple M1) but I'm having trouble trying to connect to our BIM Server. I have my license manager tool all set-up. I'm able to work on solo files but I can't seem to connect to server. I've a...

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