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CPU and Graphics Card

Eric Milberger

That is the Best CPU for Archicad - the Best one - AMD pr Intel and which CPU

What is the best Graphics Card Family and Card

Eric Milberger, Architect | Master Planner
Barry Kelly

This has been asked and answered many times, and I don't think it is something you will get a definitive answer for.


Of course the answers will always be out of date as technology changes.

Some might even argue a Mac system might be better than a Windows system.

Also what is your budget - the best may just not be affordable for you.

And if you are asking other users, their opinions will vary widely and probably just confuse you more.

And of course it all depends on the type of work you need to do.


Have a look at the minimum requirements, here are a couple of bits of information that may help ...


Anything better that what is stated as recommended should be more than adequate.

And as I mentioned, it may come down to budget.

A top end CPU and video card will be expensive, and will probably need a top end motherboard for which you will need more and faster RAM and a decent power supply.


Personally I think it comes down to choosing something that at least meets the recommended specs, and is what you can afford (or are willing to pay).





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What you mentioned Is understood.  The PC and hardware shown in the links are similar to my older machines.

I am reopening my firm back up and looking for the top machine configuration.

So the Start was to see if there were issues with AMD as we have not used AMD CPUs in 20 years.  INTEL is easy , just pay the piper for the higher speeds.


So, if No issues wit AMD in relation to Intel then I guess I will try and find some benchmark.

Want the best performance for the dollar spent.


Thanks for the reply.

Eric Milberger, Architect | Master Planner
Eric Milberger

Thought I would list what I ended up with.  The CUP GPU and RAM were where I went strong and now working on the GPU.

i9 12 gen 11900 Intel CPU

Msi Pro z690 A wifi

Two g.skill ram-32gb  

Two Corsair 9900 2-Terabyte SSD

Corsair 850Watt Power Supply Gold/Silent

This was about the best I could do on the system and maintain a little growth.

For now CPU fans that will be converted to water cooling

I am looking at the RTX 4060 as they are between $450 and $500

For right now I have a cheap video card that I am using to get the operating system installed and other misc. stuff.


Installed Windows 11 Pro - not happy with the setup as I was fluent and now have to relearn a good bit.  But speed for the basics is instantaneous.


I am going to try the demo next week with old models I have and see how things seem to work.  I want to make sure I can start the next job without issues.

Eric Milberger, Architect | Master Planner

If there a reason you are getting two 2TB SSDs? I would always recommend getting a smaller M2 for your OS and maybe your main one or two programs, then have everything else run of larger drives, seperating your programs from your files.


Assuming you are talking about closed loop water cooling? Open loop is really not worth the effort in an office environment.

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I have been very happy with what I am using for several years now.  (Signature) I need the GPU.    

The thing that is missing (deliberately I think) for proper evaluations are some Benchmark files.

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