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Can't use Hardware Acceleration on my laptop


Hello guys, can you please help me out?


My HP laptop cannot detect "Hardware Acceleration" and only "Vectorial Engine" option is available as 3D engine. Below is the screenshot of the same for your reference. The problem here is that the surface finishes are not accurate. Otherwise AC25 is running. Will Intel graphics on my laptop support AC25?


HP Envy Touchsmart 15 notebook specs:

Intel Core i5 3230M @2.60 GHz

8GB Ram

Intel HD Graphics 4000

1TB Internal Hardisk




Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

Your CPU is very old, it was introduced in 2013, which was 9 Intel CPU generations ago. The problem is that it support OpenGL 4.0 only:

However, Archicad 25 requires a graphics card that support OpenGL 4.5:

This is why you do not have Hardware Acceleration available because it requires a higher OpenGL version than the one your CPU supports.

Apparently, Archicad 24 needs only a graphics card that support OpenGL 4.0, which your CPU is capable of:

So you should have Hardware Acceleration available in Archicad 24, but not in Archicad 25.

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Kristopher Smith

Laszlo, what happens when the Hardware Acceleration is there one day and then gone the next? I am trying to help a client with this but I can't solve this issue. He hasn't changed his hardware and it is a bit older (4 years) but the acceleration was there and now its gone. Any ideas?

I am also having this problem. Were you able to solve it?

Maybe there has been an Operating System update or a video card driver update?

You may have to roll that back to what it was before.

You would think updates are good things, but not always, especially on older systems.



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Its speciality hardware like graphics cards and sound cards have been able to handle things better than your main CPU.If you want to try managing hardware acceleration for window 10 itself then you can try . Getting to your desktop give it a right click and select display setting once your setting down and click on graphic setting .click on acceleration setting if the option is not shown you need to restart your laptop. 

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