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Cant open recovered Archicad file

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I formatted my backup harddrive by accident the other day, and now i have recovered all my files, but i am having trouble with opening some of my .pln files. They are there in full size, but when i have my mouse cursor over the icon it says that the version is 0.0 and platform unknown.

I wonder if there is any way to open this file, have anybody else bumped into this problem?

I really hope there is a way since there is a lot of work wasted if not!
Erika Epstein
Can you open the .bpn (backup) file of these plns?
If yes, when you save you can save it as a .pln.
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Thomas Holm
Start by opening the application, and then use Archicad's File>Open menu command. Then Save As, and it should work again.
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Thank you guys for good advice, but it is the same with the .bpn files too. I have no luck opening them and it says the same,


I can actually find two of the same file, but none of them are working.
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