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Grid tool from goodies!

I am having a problem with the grid tool. I placed it in a 9 story building and then told it to show on all stories and it is only showing on three floors. I have tried changing parameters but it is just not showing. I have the latest build on 10 and it is still having the same problem.
Gerald Acton "Gary"

Acton Design Services

Windows 10 PRO 64 bit

i7-5820K @ 3.30ghz 32GB Ram

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB Ram

AC 19 - AC 26
Laura Yanoviak
...ahh yes, the Grid Tool...I've worked around this in the past by creating the Grid System in a New instance of AC and merging the grid into the Project File. I keep this "Grid file" in case any grid elements need to be modified (which is when they seem to loose their settings).
MacBook Pro Apple M2 Max, 96 GB of RAM
AC26 US (5002) on Mac OS Ventura 13.5

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