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I cannot open ArchiCAD15 x64 on first start after install

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Archicad15 freeze on gray screen and stays there. I tried to update and reinstall Quicktime and Netframework but it not work
I use windows7x64
Archicad 14x64 works fine.

please help
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have you read this ArchiCAD wiki?

Another cause could be the program (or installation) is being hampered by a firewall/virusprogram
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I tried all your suggestions but still doesn't work. I tried in demo mode was still freeze.
I think I have the same problem like this topic

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I have the same problem! And I've tried everything but still doesn't want to work.
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Same problem. Win7 64, AC15, I tried everything, but no - there is just gray screen.
Please please help help!

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I have the same problem: Starting ArchiCAD 15 just shows the grey screen and the logo with the building. It doesn't show the Student license login etc. Any ideas?

Student license
Windows 7 64-bit
Asus K53SV-SX146V
Just today it hapened to me too...moving to new laptop...

It looks like AC 15 does not like Optimus technology by Nvidia...
13 and 14 runs with Optimus on ...but 15 not.
For now (hopefully some fix will show up) the only way is to disable Optimus in bios.

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Same problem here. Using a Samsung QX410 laptop with built in GeForce 310M. Got Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, along with all the updated firmware and nVidia drivers 266.72 running Direct X 11.0 runtime.

Neither the old firmware nor the new allows for the "Optimus" to be turned off (as per Piotr's suggestion above).

Any help on getting this to work would be appreciated.

I've tried to go NVIDIA Control Panel and muck with the settings, but am unable to find any way to disable the Optimus features or get Archicad 15 to work on this laptop.

Any ideas on gettting this to work would be greatly appreciated....
Same issue here GS. What gives?
What's the solution? I'm at my wits end here.
Started NOT working yesterday (3/11/12)......Archicad15 simply will NOT go past that "grey screen with picture" on it.

What gives? Graphisoft.....please help.
this HAS to be resolved!

I'm sure we all have removed the JAVA from our machines, removed the Quicktime, tried to edit the HOST file in windows 7 folder...and on and on and please....GRAPHISOFT, WE NEED HELP HERE! CAN YOU SENSE THE URGENCY IN THESE THREADS!!!!!
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