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Installing Add-ons

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Hello everyone,
new in this forum, 3 yrs user of archicad, new user of add-ons (ALMOST).
Here's the problem. as a student i have downloaded the educational version of AC16 and also the add-ons (i actually just need archiquant), but when i move them into the specific add-on folder, nothing happens in AC (-> in the design menu-design extra) there's no archisuite to select (just truss maker).
if i go in add-on manager, there they are, all of them, but no ida what's going on.
can please someone help me out?
Check that they are selected in the Add-On Manager.
Check that they are added to your Work Environment.

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In the add on manager it seems to me they are selected. (screen).

how do i add them in the work environment?

Schermata 2013-04-30 a 09.47.33.png
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Where did you put the ArchiSuite?. The right path for Windows is:

c:\ProgramFiles\Graphisoft\ArchiCAD 16\Add-Ons\ ArchiSuite\
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Starting ArchiSuite from menu Design:
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I'm sorry, i forgot to put the signature with the OS used. i'm on mac, and the path is correct, i checked. just on the design extra menu i just have the truss maker. how do i manage the add-ons via the work environment settings?
David Maudlin
franfef wrote:
just on the design extra menu i just have the truss maker. how do i manage the add-ons via the work environment settings?
Try Work Environment > Command Layout Schemes > Menus: Set the List (center panel) to All Commands by Theme then scroll down to 17 Add-Ons and see if there is a Archiquant or ArchiSuite folder containing the commands. Then drag these commands to the Menubar location where you want them. After adding the commands, select the Command Layout Schemes on the left panel and either Store as... or Redefine to save these settings as part of your Work Environment.

David Maudlin / Architect
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Thanks david, (and others) everything is fixed now. i screwd up with the .apx files.
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no way. i have the EDU (educational) version for both of them, AC and Suite, and something seems to go wrong.
any (further) help? :S:S
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No one?? please i need it for my thesis!
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