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Intel, AMD or Other for BIMCloud Manager and BIMcloud Servers?

Mark Pout

I'll keep it brief. I'm looking for thoughts, comments and experiences around which processors you prefer to use for BIMCloud Server and and manager machines? I'm not seeing much guidance beyond power etc, and wasn't really  expecting Graphisoft to endorse one particular processor or another.


Currently I'm using an 8 core AMD EPYC 7571 for our BIMCloud Server and a 2 Core Intel Xeon (Broadwell-2686 v4) processor for our BCM. 


Maybe the architecture makes very little difference, (that's what I'm expecting most will say) but interested to hear thoughts and opinions either way.


Maybe you know this post about the hardware requirements already, it seems to give quite a lot of information: Recommended Hardware for BIMcloud - Graphisoft Community

The requirements depend on project size, for both BCM and BCS.

But it does not offer any benchmarks for comparing different computing solutions.

By 2 Core you probably ment Dual Intel Xeon? The 2686v4 is a 18 core / 36 threads processor.

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Thanks Miha, Yea the Broadwell is much bigger than the 2 cores we are using. We are only utilising 2 cores as its an AWS EC2 instance. I've seen the hardware spec page before, thanks for sharing though. I guess my question was more an 'experience' one than a requirements one if that makes sense?