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Lines jagged at intersections on screen in 2D


Hi all,


I'm having an issue with Archicad 25. I just got a new PC with NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU.

First few days seemed fine, but today I noticed some strange behaviours on the 2D screens (plans and sections\elevations):

Wherever lines intersect unorthogonaly they produce a Jagged looking or Bleeding intersection (screenshot 1).

Another thing is that the plan flickers every once in a while in some areas of the screen as if re-rendering large buckets of the view. The general effect is very annoying and disturbing.


Then I started playing with Advanced Redraw options - 

With 2D Drawing Hardware acceleration turned OFF these two issues are solved. But then a third issue appears: Dimension Fonts aren't antialiased, while other fonts (Labels, Texts, Markers etc.) are antialiased normaly (screenshot 2).


Any Ideas?



I seem to have done something to fix the problem, although it is still a mystery:
I've played a bit with the NVIDIA settings. 
Once the setting for Antialiasing - Transparency was set ON (at any setting other then OFF) the screen was back to normal. However, even when I've set it back to OFF just to check if this was indeed the solution, the problem did not return anymore. 


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