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NAVIGATOR - Layer problem

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This might be easy but, i do not know the answer for it, and the ACHelp doesn't help either.

Why, each time I double click a story in the View Map or in the Publisher Set, the whole bunch of hidden and locked layers from the whole project gets visible and active ?

Please help me because I've started to use the publishing function of AC12 and I "burned" already a project.

David Maudlin

You will need to read the Help files about the Navigator, and the difference between the Project Map and View Map (which lead to the Layout Book & Publisher Sets). Go to Help > ArchiCAD Help and search under "Navigator ". You can also search this forum and the ArchiCAD Wiki for information, this is very basic to using ArchiCAD.

You should add a Signature to your Profile (click the Profile button near the top of this page) with your ArchiCAD version and operating system (see mine for an example) for more accurate help in this forum.

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Hello David,
Thanks for the prompt response!

I did not use till now the View Map and the Publisher. The whole thing started when i wanted to use the Reviewer. In order to Publish a .dwf drawing i selected its saved view and then almost all disappeared. No problem I said, thinking that after returning to the Project Map every thing will be OK.

Now, after looking deeper into the matter i noticed that the View Map has set by default the Default layer combination. I did not chose any layer combination for the project and did not save any. This is why almost everything disappeared in the saved view and in the publisher.
Also i did not know that when returning to the Project Map from any other Map of the Navigator "you bring with you" the settings from the View Map or Publisher ( layer combination's, scale, etc ...)

So i was shocked to learn that I lost track of my hidden and locked layers. A lot of them. Not only layers managed by me but also some created, locked and hidden by others.
The solution at the time was - closing without saving.

I am sure that I'll find a way to manage the layer combinations and step by step work my into the other two parts of the Navigator, the View Map and the Publisher Sets.

Well ...

The things that you have to prepare are:

- named layer combinations
- named dimension settings
- named Model Display Options

Then it screams along - you just assign them to the views, along with the required viewpoint (the things that you see in the Project Map), scale, zoom factor and, in the case of the rendering views, the rendering settings (yes, all of them).

Organizing yourself helps immensely down the line.

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