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Network Installation doesn't resolve customEnvironment




We are trying to use a network install. We would like to set a custom environment with all office standards. We follow the instructions in the help:

Archicad-26-INT-3000-1.0.exe --mode unattended --customEnvironment "D:\...\Defaults"


What is this supposed to do?

  • Copy the content of the path to the Roaming/GRAPHSOFT/Archicad/... folder?
  • Use the chosen folder as User Folder?

Whatever we do, nothing happens.

Please help. We have odd 120 users and it would be lovely if we could use a network install as described.








Boldizsar Vermes

@_c_, none of the listed but copies the content of the given folder into the installation folder (there is a folder there named Default, it will be filled with your custom stuff).

I suggest using the Option File for unattended installation and a bat file like attached (bat files cannot be attached, see its content below) to see more about the progress and result (more about the error codes here).


@echo off

SET pathToInstaller="\\network-path-to-Archicad\Archicad.exe"
SET pathToOptionfile="\\network-path-to-optionfile\OptionFile.txt"

echo Installing Archicad has started. Please wait until this window closes...
%pathToInstaller% --optionfile %pathToOptionfile%

SET /A random=(%RANDOM%*9999/32768)+1000

SET logfile=%SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Install.GS\unattended_installer_%random%.log

echo Error Code: %ERRORLEVEL% > %logfile%

IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 (echo Archicad has installed successfully.) ELSE (echo Something unexpected happened. See details in %logfile% & pause)
Boldizsár Vermes
Product Manager, Collaboration

Thank you very much. I will try that now.


We were using the option file (but not as bat file, simply in the Terminal). The log files would not report any mistake, but no Defaults would copy anything, anywhere, either.


Boldizsar, I am very interested in learning more about the structure of the Defaults, where can I find more? Our office is now rather large and we would like to centralize a number of office resources. Is there a way to achieve this in Archicad? The Defaults and certain settings would be better controlled on the server.


The bat file does not substitute the option file but makes the whole process on multiple computers more sustainable and more traceable, in my opinion. The cause of not copying the Defaults folder during the installation can be its insufficient content (folder structure) or a not properly given path to the installer.


The best way to bypass the try and error method is contacting your local Graphisoft representative. They can involve even the developers of certain functionality in complex cases.

Boldizsár Vermes
Product Manager, Collaboration
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