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New MacBook 13"

I am considering buying the newest MacBook 13" because I want a small laptop that I can travel with. At the same time I use my current laptop (HP 17" a PC user today) with Archicad 12, Artlantis 2, Lightroom & Photoshop CS4.

I am wondering if I could run the same programs with the MacBook (upgraded to the 2.4 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM & 320 GB harddrive). I know a MacBook Pro would be better but it is the size I am after otherwise I might as well keep using my current computer.

Does anyone have any experience of running AC12 (large models) on the new MacBook 13" (or even any of the other programs)? I know it meet the specifications but I'd like to know if anyone has first had experience. I am even considering hooking up to the new 24" LED screen when working at home. Anyone know how this affects the performance?

Thanks in advance, Kristen
Kristen Broberg
AC 23 SWE Full on Windows 10 Pro
HP Zbook 15 G6 32GB
i7-9850H 2,6GHz
Quadro M2200 2GB
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