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RHINO 8 is out - Updated GC is coming (when)?


Rhino 8 was just released with significant advancements. 

This is how real and serious 3D software evolves….

@GS: When can we expect an updated Grasshopper-Connection to work with V8?

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They seem to be making some real effort into 2D capabilities and orthogonal 3D modelling which really should worry GS. And they threw in selective cutaway and line node styles just for fun!



I would expect the release of the new GC together with AC 28. When you look at the Roadmap there are some improvements in Progress.

For those who can't wait I did a "quick & dirty" test. Copied the Plug In from the Rhino 7 Folder to Rhino 8 and it seems to work...Rhino8-Test.png

I would be interested if there will be a GC based on Grasshopper 2 one day 😋

AC16 -> AC aktuell
WIN 10 & Mac Studio Ventura

@Nurbs Thanks for this, I copied the ArchicadConnection.gha from the Rhino Grasshopper/Plugins folder to the corresponding one in Rhino 8, however the archicad dropdown has not appeared in the toolbar in grasshopper in Rhino 8. Am I missing a step?

Hi @Ian Philips ,

Try this one:

AC16 -> AC aktuell
WIN 10 & Mac Studio Ventura

Hi, try these files. put them in my designated location.

unzip folder

For Archicad 27; from folder "Archicad Live Connection"  copy files to: C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\Archicad 27\Add-Ons

For grasshoppers it is an "unusual" location; copy files to : C:\Program Files\Rhino 8\Plug-ins\Grasshopper


Files are not modified, they are just installed in rhino 7/ArchiCAD27 and copied. (you need more than the .gha file)


Hope this works

Illes Papp



I can confirm that we have Rhino 8 support on our roadmap for the Archicad 28 - Grasshopper Add-on.

Illés Papp
GRAPHISOFT Senior Product Manager
Martin Jan Rosa

Just a note for those upgrading to Rhino 8 thinking they will be able to use Rhino 6/7 currently supported by GC: I just upgraded my old Rhino 4 license to 8, only to find out that such upgraded licenses cannot be downgraded... So it seems that at the moment you have to buy a license at the "full" price (currently €1000 instead of €400), which can be downgraded. Or wait few more months until GS upgrades GC to version 8... 😊

Unfortunately, even the procedure mentioned here with the manual uploading of GC to directories does not work (I have AC27 CZE on apple silicon, which reports a broken add-on, and at the same time grasshopper does not contain Archicad-related content).
GRAPHISOFT Certified Archicad BIM Manager, 2021, 2023
AC 27 CZ @ macOS 14.3

Has anyone managed to get it to work on the iMac?

Copy folder from rhino7 to rhino 8 and it keeps showing an error and doesn't load the archicad menu. Loaded all other plugins


Captura de Tela 2024-02-15 às 15.57.52.png

Martin Jan Rosa

@ADDigital, Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work on my Mac. Archciad menu is not showing. However, I did at least get a positive message from McNeel that they are working on a downgrade option to version 7 for upgraded Rhino versions as well. It should be possible within a few weeks. Time at least to refresh my general Grasshopper knowledge before I plug it into my Archicad workflow 🙂
GRAPHISOFT Certified Archicad BIM Manager, 2021, 2023
AC 27 CZ @ macOS 14.3
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