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Reset Permissions of the Graphisoft Folder on Mac OS

Craig Boyer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Permissions issues on Mac can cause issues with how ArchiCAD runs. Unfortunately the permissions repair in Disk Utility only applies to items factory installed items on the computer. Please follow the steps below to manually reset the permissions of the Graphisoft folder.

1. Go to the Applications folder and right-click (or control + click) on the GRAPHISOFT folder.

2. Choose Get Info and a dialog will appear.

3. At the bottom of the dialog set all listed users to have Read & Write privileges.

4. Click the padlock icon below to unlock if needed.

5. Click the button with the Gear-shape on it and choose Apply to enclosed items.


6. Click OK when it asks "Are you sure you want to apply the selected owner, group, and permissions to all the enclosed items?"

7. Close the GRAPHISOFT Info window.

8. See if the trouble you were experiencing has been corrected.

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