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Upgrading to AC 27 and OS Ventura


I am currently running AC 23 with Mojave on a 2018 MacBook Pro 2.9 GHz Intel Core 9 with 32 GB of memory and a Radon Pro 560X, 4GB. I am planning on backing up and erasing my drive, installing Ventura and AC 27.

I am not sure about Sonoma at this time (or AC 27, as I considered installing AC 26... any input would be nice).

Does that make sense? I figured that I can upgrade to Sonoma later if it makes sense at that time.

I noticed that Sonoma will be the last OS I can run on my MacBook Pro.

Basically, would I be better off running AC 26 and Ventura? Pros and Cons...

Thank you all,


ella wood

HI Greg, 


Did you ever get a good solution to this? I have mojave and running AC24 fine but need to install AC27 and wondering if it will work. 

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