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Using Log Home Solutions

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Our company has just purchased the LHS add-on. Do we need the any of the other log home add-ons for it to work correctly ? If not do you know of any manuals we could use to learn the software (LHS) ?
Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
If you bought it from a reseller, they should be able to tell you.

AFAIR there were two libraries, one that contained all the building parts, chinking, stacking elevation info, corner objects, database stuff, etc and had a name like LHS 1.7 Library. And then there was another one that contained appliances, doors, furniture, lamps, trusses, windows etc and had a name like LHDS R5 Library.

I thought they both came on the LHS CD. The person who sold it to you is the best resource for this info. Otherwise US resellers Chris Clark or Angi Sams may be the next best alternative.

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