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archicad 7.0 installation help

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i am installing archicad 7.0 on a customer pc for them with original disks and the key provided. Once the program is all loaded archicad loads straight into debug mode and wont load.

the system is a dual core
250 GB sata drive
256 mb ddr geforce 8400gs
1 gb ddr2 ram
xp home sp2

pc is fully updated and is new so plenty of room on the hd.

any help will be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance


is there any reason why this will load without any problems on xp pro and not xp home? Is there a patch?

or if all fails where do i send the bug report to please
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Hi there,

you should start with making sure that you have all the latest updates for both AC 7 (do a search on the GS web site) and for the wibu key (

This old relic should work on both Pro and Home edition, although I'm not sure they were in the pipeline when AC 7 was released. I have an older laptop (PC) with Pro on it and I successfully installed it with the op. Pro system.

Other possible links to check for more info would be at
Thomas Holm
Or buy a Mac. I have 7, 9, 10, 11 all running fine on this machine
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i have 2 macs but that is not an option here. this is not my pc or my software and the customer wont be too happy buying another pc when this one is a few weeks old and replacing the 1 that has broke down and which at nearly 60 is quite familiar with and doesnt want to change to another OS.

now all windows updates are done, directx as well and still no improvent. any other ideas please
A VERY stupid question: are you installing as an Admin or with admin privileges?

The 7 that definitely does work on XP is the Anniversary edition, so called Silver Bullet. It still runs on my XP Home and XP Pro computers, no glitch.

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yes thanks for the reply, this is the 20th anniversary edition and i have admin rights on the pc. cheers for the reply

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