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how to transfer AC7 projects to AC11 while working on Vista?

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Is there any possibility running AC7 or AC9 on Vista (I need .pla files to transfer social housing projects, ...)?

I have both versions running on MacIntel and WinXP, well supported by the Wibu-key and the Wibu-driver.

My PC is running slow and I need a replacement!
If necessary I will ask for a clean install and Win XP...

Why Vista? It is still not good enough considering not working a quite big bunch of good hardware (ie plotters even those that HP promised to be supported in vista)

If You are able (ie Vista Bussines or higher) do a downgrade.

Best Regards

Thomas Holm
Seems like you should use your Mac for converting
AC4.1-AC26SWE; MacOS13.5.1; MP5,1+MBP16,1

Karl Ottenstein
I'm avoiding Vista too. But, Microsoft provides Virtual PC or somesuch as a free download, permitting you to run XP or whatever under Vista if necessary for certain old applications (e.g., AC 7). Better to just get the new PC with XP Pro.

One of the forum moderators
AC 27 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.6.2, MacBook Pro M2 Max 12CPU/30GPU cores, 32GB

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Thanks for the replies,

My reseller has no experience with that called Virtual PC running XP on Vista.
So I went for the XP downgrade and everything works fine.

I have certainly done that, more than once.
It's usefull when it comes to basic construction elements and 2D data.

Unfortunately, these 60+ housing projects are not cross-platform and on Mac all library parts are missing due to naming issues...that's why I need the .pla option on PC

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