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lost ability to drag-copy and split-lines

lost ability to drag copy and split lines in certain Section Elevation Drawings. When we copy the lines to a new Section Elevation Marker that we create things go back to normal again. This problem occurs often on different projects though so it's irritating. What to do?

-Michael Architect NY WI IL
Madison WI
Archicad21 MEP EcoDesSTAR Win10-64-bit
EliteBook8570W Corei7-3630QM@2.40GHz
QuadroK2000m RAM32 (2)250GBSSDs
4 Monitors Internet:4Up60Down

Brad Elliott
Need more information and maybe more clarity.

What version are you on? Which computer platform? Is this Teamworks or solo projects? Does it occur on one computer or several? Can you do other line functions like stretch or rotate? Is it one line only or all the lines?

More information might get you a better response.
Mac OS12.6 AC26 USA Silicon
M1 Macbook Pro

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