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Archicad Keeps Getting Better - Archicad 24 Update 3

Emoke Csikos

GRAPHISOFT is committed to a new strategy that enables us to respond to customer needs and market trends faster than the usual yearly release cycle. This means that updates in between main releases can contain feature improvements and new features in addition to the usual quality and stability improvements.

Archicad 24 Update 3 (build 5000) continues this new strategy with the next version of PARAM-O and further improving the Integrated Design workflow.


On GRAPHISOFT's Downloads site, select your Archicad language version and your computer's operating system, then download the update.

Read this article to learn what new features and functionality improvements are available in Archicad 24 Update 3 (build 5000).

What's new in Archicad 24 Update 3?

Create Custom Objects on Windows and macOS

GRAPHISOFT releases a built-in parametric design tool for Archicad users on both macOS and Windows.

With PARAM-O, users can quickly create custom objects and building elements — without writing a single line of GDL code or script — thanks to an easy-to-use interface developed with the architect in mind.

Learn more about PARAM-O by reading this article and watching the video below.

Save Time with the Improved Structural Analytical Model

The enhanced automatic mapping of manufactured SAF cross section profiles is now available not just for the imported but for the exported steel members as well.

Learn more about the improvements of the structural analytical model by reading this article and watching the video below.

List of Issues Solved in This Update

Archicad updates always improve the quality of the software by implementing fixes for previously known issues.
You'll find the list of improvements here.

About Previous Updates

Archicad 24 Update 3 (build 5000) contains all the improvements of the two previous updates. Learn more about Archicad 24 Update 2 (build 4018) here and here.
For the list of issues solved in Update 1 (build 3022), click here.

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