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Bug: integer range vs. UI

Sam Karli
Found today.

You can give possible values of an integer parameter with range statement, as well.
values "iBlaBla" range [iMin, iMax]
and when parameter selecting, this will give You the desired result, integer numbers from iMin to iMax

But for ui_infield this will not work, and makes obviously corrupted behavior.
For me, a complex, pictured, ui_infield showed up correctly, I could select stuff, but after clicking it the ui_infield jumped back to the first possible value. Note that on the parameter selector tab I could select all values for the parameter so the parameter side worked.

Tested only in AC18.
GDL/Python/C++ dev
do a loop and use "put" on all the parameters prior values command where do a "get"
it will work in plain old parameters and ui.

Sam Karli
Hi Piotr,
this is what I have done, and worked, so this is a good workaround. (On the other end, it took an hour of me to find the reason for not working, especially that on Parameters list stuff worked well.)
GDL/Python/C++ dev

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