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Cant find macros


Hi there, i cant seem to fix this issue regarding macros missing. Can someone direct me to what to do?


Hi Scott,


Where did you get the (Pumbing Point.gsm) Object from? Is it downloaded from the web? If you downloaded it, I would download it again to get all the dependant files and replace it in your library.


If you don't know where it came from, try and figure out which project you copied it from, the macro may be still sitting in the Embedded Library of the original project.


If you manage to find it, save it out from Archicad into a folder on your system, so you don't lose it again. Use this folder as your company library if you don't already have one. Load the company library into your projects using the library manager. Try avoiding storing objects in your embedded library. They can get deleted and lost very easily.




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