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Create Contemporary Interiors with Archicad's Enhanced Object Library

Gabriel Dantas
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Designers need vast – and ever-growing options – to provide realistic and editable design options for their clients. With Archicad 25, you can explore multiple possibilities and boost your creativity. Now, creating eye-catching interior renders is faster and more effective, with no need to replace the objects, avoiding time-consuming post-production.

Life-Like Interiors

New, highly customizable furnishing objects are available for more realistic and functional interiors. As part of our continuous library development, Archicad has improved its residential interior furnishing elements. The improvements allow you to achieve much higher design freedom with more and flexible objects.


The improved user interface makes it easier to select and place the new, modern-style library objects into your scene, bringing both 2D and 3D views to life in a more contemporary manner. The additional, highly customizable furnishing objects are the following:

  • One sofa bed
  • Two decoration (clothes hanger and curtain)
  • One coat rack
  • Two tables (bistro and coffee)
  • Eight chairs
  • One mattress
  • One outdoor grill/ barbecue

More than 40 new residential objects have been created, including sofas and beds, various tables and stands, armchairs, wardrobes, unique accessories and decorative elements - all also aiming to complement 2D drawings and modern-day visualization guidelines.

Object Settings: Elevation and 3D Preview can be rotated independently

Elevation and 3D Previews can now rotate without modifying the plan rotation settings, and the plan view will still turn the element.

Updated Object Selection Settings

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen elements are now grouped by their spatial arrangements: Base, Standing and Wall. Following the same logic, the cabinets are further grouped into three main categories and seven different sub-categories, based on their geometries (e.g., Chamfered, L, C or S-shaped) - all together, there are 21 new kitchens objects available. This classification embraces the new modular design approach, which easily allows compositions and adaptations.


Each element contains a wide range of customizable components – so it’s easier to mix and match for the perfect design.


It is now easier to create attractive and usable interiors thanks to our expanding library of 3D Objects that follow the latest residential and commercial design trends. In addition, customizing Kitchens is now also quicker and more effective with the new modular cabinetry. You can communicate your design effectively and collect feedbacks for further improvements.

No workarounds are needed. The new objects don’t need to be replaced to create a high-quality render. They allow the designers to follow the latest trends and helps the communication of the design intent, no matter who is the other party (client, contractor or consultant). It has never been so easy to try out possibilities and to propose the most suitable design.

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