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Creating Gate Schedule for Fences

How do YOU make Gates?

I work mostly in schools, and designing the site is nearly as important as the building, especially in Arizona. The gates are not simply chain-link hinged panels, but security access perimeter parts that have complex components, including panic hardware, fire department locks, and closure devices. So, they need to be scheduled like doors. Properties make any information possible.

Historically, I've drawn my fences with the Wall tool, and used the Door tool to make a gate. Fence pickets were roughly approximated using transparent Surface Texture Maps with Alpha Channels, creating a see-through illusion. They never looked quite right. If 3D wasn't an issue, we would even draw Polylines for the fences and use Excel to create a dummy schedule. Yes, a BIM sin.

So now we have the Railing Tool, so we can create accurate fences with steel pickets, rail patterns, accurate post spacing, etc. (though I still use Textures for chain link or perf metal). But Gates are a problem. I can cut the Railing segment and try to approximate a gate, but it's tough to get the settings right. I've had no luck Scheduling them either, and I don't think it would be possible for a double gate (such as for vehicles).

I'm looking for suggestions. How does everyone deal with Gates? Put a Door in a hidden Wall? Use an Object? Force the Railing to work?
Chuck Kottka
Orcutt Winslow
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Barry Kelly
Da3dalus wrote:
How does everyone deal with Gates? Put a Door in a hidden Wall? Use an Object?
That is what I have done in the past.
Before the railing tool I would use railing objects and I also made up some gate objects so I could get the gate swing in plan and 3D and if need be I could schedule them (never got that far).

Then I found in BIMx I couldn't walk through an open gate object, so I create doors instead.
Add the railing (rail object or rail tool), leave a gap for the gate, add a small wall and add the door (gate) object.

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Erwin Edel
Different 'case study', but sort of similar challenge: we design a lot of large homes / villas (800 m³ to 2000 m³). Some clients, along with having the fortune for having a large luxury home, are (local) celebrities, so they need good security too. Since both tend to attract unwanted visitors.

The perimeter walls / gates etc they go for tend to be more of the kind that also needs to look good, so we've scripted some objects for the 3D representation, but that also means you can just add in parameters that you can schedule. Just a simple tick box will do for most things. For example, does the gate need a special lock? Just add a parameter for that. It is also easy to make a drop down list parameter that schedules well.
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Karl Griffith
I've always used an object or more recently railings, but I wonder if the curtain wall tool would work for what you are doing?
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something like this? Most commercial gates are pre-manufactured and you probably select the size closest to the 4' module or you want and space the supports to fit it.
If it were me, I know I would model the gate and the fence per the drawings and 3d models provided by the provided by the manufacture.
Some gates at Arizona Schools. I have nothing else to do at the moment.

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